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Kanban System, e-Kanban Software, eKanban Board for logistics processes

Lean Manufacturing Solutions

Inventory reduction and having maximum material availability at the same time is just one of many examples, how to achieve certain goals with the help of our e-Kanban Software IKS, by improving your Kanban System step by step.

Examples of application are available for free by reading our Kanban case studies.

Or learn more about the possibilities of our electronic kanban pull system in the description of the IKS e-Kanban modules.

Based on various Kanban solutions we are able to offer the right software package also to small and medium-sized companies.

By the way: our e-Kanban system IKS provides special operational solutions for supplier Kanban, transport Kanban, production Kanban, finished goods Kanban and customer Kanban!

Therefor Kanban is not equal to Kanban, let us convince you!


e-Kanban System Software

For companies which want to make their existing Kanban processes easier, faster and more efficient:


30 days ONLINE test for free

IKS offers the following advantages:

  • suitably for all enterprise dimensions
  • reasonable entrance packages especially for the medium sized companies
  • rent or buy licences
  • minimum costs for introduction and training
  • capturing of Kanban movements
  • Kanban visualisation on a real-time basis
  • internal and external Kanban
  • Production control with e-Kanban Boards
  • Early warning system to avoid stock outs
  • extensive Kanban optimization
  • multi languages

Kanban Implementation

Especially for the introduction of the Kanban method in production and logistics, we now offer our new Online Portal:

SMART KANBAN – pure manual 30 days ONLINE test for free

It offers the following advantages:

  • simple & low-priced
  • no software installation required
  • fast entering of Kanban data
  • design of Kanban loops
  • standard formulas for Kanban calculation
  • fast printing of Kanban cards
  • multi languages
  • can be extended to e-Kanban easily


Kanban implementation made easy, click here to go to the Kanban workshops.

IKS in Baxi

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  • … it is important that the key people (manager, leader receipts of goods and manufacturing etc.) are persuaded of Kanban solutions. Examples in dealing with the IKS Kanban software confirm that the promised positive effects will definitely arrive. Actually we have connected 23 suppliers and we steadily work on its extension.

    Mr. Michael Anke, Strategical Material Management, beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG, Heilbronn

  • IKS helps Pirelli to maintain its grip on the road to Lean Manufacturing. IKS is the best electronic Kanban system available. It was designed and optimized by Kanban specialists. It is not an afterthought add-on to an ERP system.

    Mr. Tony Vorley - formerly Business Information Systems Director, Pirelli Tyres Limited, UK

  • All relevant Kanban processes must be easy and clear to do. We have decided to work with IKS, because it is based on our high-class cycle PDCA and it is a great software to support the continuous improvement process (Kaizen) of our Kanban system.

    Mr. Dirk Kohl, formerly material and Logistic manager, Sunrise Medical GmbH, Malsch/Heidelberg

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