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Eppendorf replaces the existing Kanban tool by IKS

Eppendorf Liquid Handling GmbH, located in Hamburg (Germany), has replaced the existing software tool that has supported the Kanban processes in the past by the IKS system of manufactus. The own developed software got old and support got more and more complicated. So Eppendorf has decided to use the modern IKS eKanban system in the future. Especially the internal production scheduling processes will be supported by a “traffic-light Kanban process”. …Read More

Article of the month: Kanban – motives and objectives

In cooperation with Mr. Helmuth Gienke we will continuously provide to you interesting articles for free. In these “Articles of the Month” we will write about topics like“Lean Production, Kanban, Toyota Production System, Kaizen, logistics, etc.”. For our first article we have chosen the theme: Kanban – motives and objectives The current article of the month is available to read here in full length. All following articles you can find …Read More

Poralu Marine in France starts Supplier Kanban

Poralu Marine, located in Port (France), is one of the world leaders in the field of docks and marina equipment. The company has implemented our electronic Kanban system IKS (description en francais: Système Kanban électronique) to support their pull processes to external suppliers. The IKS system will send Kanban signals to the vendors automatically when the Kanbans has been consumed. The objectives of the e-Kanban project are: • Higher material …Read More

BOS – Best of Steel – has implemented e-Kanban successfully

BOS GmbH – Best of Steel, Germanys market leader for steel frames and material containers, has implemented the e-Kanban system IKS of manufactus successfully. The company, located in Emsdetten (Germany), has started with a manual Kanban system some months ago and got the first positive effects of a Pull system. Now the team was ready to implement the Integrated Kanban Systems to design the Pull processes in a more efficient …Read More

Generic comparison: IKS vs. ERP Kanban Modules

Some of the leading ERP/MRP systems like SAP, Oracle etc. offer so called “Kanban Modules” or “Kanban Management Tools” that are integrated in their suites. Evaluation of all functionality details of different systems is very difficult. Nevertheless we would like to present a generic comparison based on information which we got from companies and experienced Lean/Kanban practitioners, who have experience with one or more worldwide used ERP Kanban modules. Here …Read More

Video – Perfect folding of a Kanban card

A customer has sent us a great video! The video shows how an A4 Kanban card can be folded perfectly to put it on the Kanban container. Here you will find the video about “perfect folding of a Kanban card”.