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Leistritz Pumps uses e-Kanban

LEISTRITZ Pumpen GmbH located in Nürnberg (Germany) has been one of the companies with the richest tradition in producing screw pumps since 1924. Since last year, the automotive business unit supports the internal and external Kanban processes by the IKS Small Business Edition.

Leanpro / Garmir get new manufactus partner for Mexico and USA

Leanpro S.A. de C.V in Mexico and GARMIR LLC in the USA are the new North American partners of manufactus. Since 2006 Leanpro and Garmir have been working with customers helping them in the design and implementation of lean operations. One of the core competencies is the design and implementation of Material Flow Strategies (MFS) based on Kanban systems. The alliance with Leanpro enables manufactus to have a local partner …Read More

Kanban Production Scheduling at Gedia Spain

The site of Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH in Barcelona (Spain) uses the e-Kanban system IKS to manage and schedule the fabrication areas via Pull system. The installation of a pure manual Kanban environment was not possible because of the existing machine intensive processes. So Gedia Spain decided to use the electronic Kanban system of manufactus.

Partnership with Maestro Academy

manufactus has agreed a partnership with Maestro Academy A/S, headquartered in Farsoe (Denmark). Our new strong partner is specialized in the area of consulting, training and education. Maestro Academy is part of the Maestro Group and the business is focused mostly on Scandinavia and UK. In detail the company offers know-how transfer in the field of Lean Production, Six Sigma, Kanban and Demand Driven Enterprise.

IKS went live in one week

The Italian plant of a huge international enterprise is using the IKS Enterprise Edition to manage the complete production scheduling process via electronic Kanban. The management of the customer has forced a fast reorganisation from Push to Pull. Based on this objective manufactus has implemented IKS in one week, inclusive “Going Live”.

manufactus Kanban Coaching

If you are starting an extented “Lean project” it makes maybe sense to use the services of an highly experienced consultant to reach the maximum of benefits. But if you want to start with a Kanban system in a small pilot area first, the processes are normally easy and clear. So they can be managed by your internal employees. Anyhow specific (Kanban) questions will come up from time to time. …Read More

New: The IKS Small Business Edition

Form today on we offer a new e-Kanban package which has been designed especially for small companies and small Kanban areas. The name of this Kanban package is IKS Small Business Edition. Our „lowest“ version of the e-Kanban system IKS includes the complete Basic System which can be used to define internal as well as external Kanban loops. Only the number of scanning stations is limited up to three. So …Read More

New IKS Analyzer released

Version 1.0 of the new IKS Analyzer module is now available. This add-on module of the manufactus e-Kanban system IKS will replace the existing Diagnostic Module. The tool will offer many opportunities to analyze your Kanban system in very detail. With the IKS Analyzer it is possible to improve your Kanban system continuously and to reduce the inventory levels and lead-times !