Kanban card examples

A perfect Kanban card design is one of the key elements to run a Kanban System succesfully !

In most cases all of our customers receive their individual designed Kanban card!

  • You can decide, which kind of Data must be printed on the Kanban card, which dimensions the card should have and how the data should be organized on the card
  • Therefore it is also no problem to have different card sizes (e.g. for different container types: small, medium or big), each of them designed in different layouts
  • And of course we always make suggestions, which content should be a must on the card

If you are interested in our e-Kanban solutions, you can choose a Kanban card Layout out of our Kanban card catalog or you can ask us to implement your individual card Layout!

Here are some examples of nice looking Kanban cards of our customers:

Kanban Card 1

Kanban Card 2

Kanban Card 3