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We offer extensive services to start your Kanban project effortlessly and to continue successfully.

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Kanban Training and Coaching for production and logistics

We can help your employees understanding the principles regarding Kanban in manufacturing and production processes as well as in logistics and to generate a required basic understanding, how a Kanban system works in general.

The following two e-Kanban workshops and training courses are available:

  • KANBAN START – understanding the basics

e-Kanban Workshops for production and logistics

We provide a full service in supporting our customers to give them the right answers regarding “electronic Kanban in production and logistics”.

Therefore two types of e-Kanban workshops / trainings are available:

  • Workshop ELECTRONIC KANBAN – Leveraging through technology
  • Workshop ADVANCED KANBAN – Identifying new opportunities

Software Services for production and logistics

We are supporting our customers not only doing the software installation but also in testing the predefined e-Kanban processes. So we can guarantee that our system is working perfectly in operations:

  • Software installation and implementation
  • Training of Kanban team and employees
  • Support and Maintenance