Our Services

manufactus GmbH, founded in 2003, company headquarter located in Starnberg (Germany), develops innovative software solutions for the optimization of processes in the areas of production and logistics.

By our long-standing experience and competence especially in the sphere of (e)Kanban and Lean Production we can offer to our worldwide represented customers a universal package consisting of:

  • modern software (eKanban system IKS) & hardware (scanner)
  • different Workshops
  • Support & maintenance

Because of using our self developed software solutions, within shortest time, our customers are able to improve the situation of their  (e)Kanban processes and to improve important company key figures significantly:

  • Improvement of the performance of delivery
  • Reduction of stocks
  • Reduction of delivery lead times
  • Clear savings in the areas of purchase, procurement, planning and control
  • Increase in inventory turnover (ITO)
  • Adaptation ability on changed market relations by massive rise of the transparency

In addition, we offer the following services and workshops:

  • Kanban START – introduction in lean management and Kanban
  • Kanban COACHING – preparatory measures to the Kanban introduction
  • ELECTRONIC Kanban – to the exact definition of the new processes, capture of the demands as well as possible customer adaptations
  • ADVANCED Kanban – after going “live” with the system for the continuous optimisation of Lean activities and continues improvement

Also after a Kanban introduction we stand aside to you with our support & service team:

  • if you have questions and problems
  • if you want us to implemented new ideas and functions

Find a summary in the manufactus enterprise profile! (PFD format)


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