Make-To-Order Kanban – „Pull & Push in Harmony“

New functionality of the Integrated Kanban System (IKS)
The E-Kanban System IKS of manufactus GmbH allows the the management of Non-Kanban-Parts

manufactus is specialist for „Kanban and E-Kanban” for more than 20 years. Since many years, the Integrated Kanban System (“IKS”) is one of the leading software systems worldwide to support and optimize Kanban processes.

On the LogiMAT fair in Stuttgart, we offered the new IKS functionality called „OverKanban, which allows the easy management of temporary demand peaks. Also in the coming year, we will present a new and helpful extension of the IKS system for the visitors of the fair.

IKS has been extended by the new functional MTO KANBAN.
MTO stands for „Make-To-Order” and at first glance this is contradictory to the topic of „Kanban“, because here we are talking about a classic PUSH process and not about a real PULL system. But especially the symbiosis of both worlds will make our
E-Kanban solution more valuable for our customers.


For most companies, production planning and scheduling is a mix between PUSH and PULL. This means that while certain products and processes are controlled by a Kanban system, others are controlled by classic production (MRP) orders. Why is that?

The answer is actually quite simple. Many components for the production of a series product are “repetitive parts”, means parts that are used and consumed regularly. These are naturally typical parts for a Kanban system. For products or variants that do not have a “serial character”, but are rather sporadically built, a Kanban system often makes no sense, because such components would stay in the supermarket, without anyone needing them. This requires storage space and capital and is therefore not efficient. Therefore, these products and components are integrated into the process on demand only when needed.
In practice, however, there are often confusions among the production employees. On one hand, the Kanban parts have to be produced and replenished, on the other hand, there are some classic MRP orders, which are provided with a specific date of production. Keeping track and knowing what to do and when, is not always easy.

A practical solution is offered by the E-Kanban System IKS

Our Kanban software IKS now offers a new suitable solution for this topic. In addition to the classic control of Kanban parts, IKS now also allows the management of so-called “Make-To-Order” parts. It is possible to create production orders (MTO Orders) and to visualize them including all necessary information. Using the IKS E-Kanban Board, it is possible to visualize both the Kanban orders and the MTO orders in the usual way and to give the production employees an overview on all orders to be produced.

Significant benefits for responsible people working in the planning & scheduling department and in the production area

Now IKS allows the management and scheduling of Kanban and Non-Kanban parts via same process including the same standard visualization of the system. Additionally, MTO orders can be loaded from the existing ERP/MRP system via standard interface automatically.
IKS creates a standard process which helps all people in the planning and scheduling department as well as all people at the production area. Existing orders can be handled easily and the operators can make sure that the right parts are produced at the right time. This guarantees a very high availability of products and components at the shop-floor.