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Rotex Heating Systems has implemented e-Kanban System IKS

Rotex Heating Systems GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Daikin Europe NV, located in Gueglingen (Germany), uses the e-Kanban system IKS since end of 2011. manufactus has implemented IKS in a one week project for a first production line. For this production line the Kanban orders are visualized and scheduled via the electronic IKS Kanban Board module. A roll-out for other internal production lines as well as for external suppliers is …Read More

manufactus News September 2011

Here you can download the manufactus newsletter September 2011 as pdf file. Please subscribe our newsletter to get updated about all manufactus news and about all information regarding our e-Kanban solutions! Please send a short email with your contact data to news@manufactus.com. That’s it! Very interesting news regarding Kanban, Lean Management and Logistic you will find unter www.facebook.com/manufactus.

IKS Enterprise Edition used by Italian customer

The Italian site of a world-wide acting enterprise has implemented the electronic Kanban system IKS for the complete factory. The management team wants to use a complete Pull system for the material flow. The company is scheduling the different production areas by the IKS Kanban Board and delivers produced components via Kanban to the assembly lines.

manufactus now on Facebook

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Partnership with Maestro Academy

manufactus has agreed a partnership with Maestro Academy A/S, headquartered in Farsoe (Denmark). Our new strong partner is specialized in the area of consulting, training and education. Maestro Academy is part of the Maestro Group and the business is focused mostly on Scandinavia and UK. In detail the company offers know-how transfer in the field of Lean Production, Six Sigma, Kanban and Demand Driven Enterprise.

IKS went live in one week

The Italian plant of a huge international enterprise is using the IKS Enterprise Edition to manage the complete production scheduling process via electronic Kanban. The management of the customer has forced a fast reorganisation from Push to Pull. Based on this objective manufactus has implemented IKS in one week, inclusive “Going Live”.

New: The IKS Small Business Edition

Form today on we offer a new e-Kanban package which has been designed especially for small companies and small Kanban areas. The name of this Kanban package is IKS Small Business Edition. Our „lowest“ version of the e-Kanban system IKS includes the complete Basic System which can be used to define internal as well as external Kanban loops. Only the number of scanning stations is limited up to three. So …Read More

GEA AWP uses IKS to manage their Kanban system

Together with the team of GEA AWP Prenzlau (Germany) the shortly started IKS project has been closed successfully! Our electronic Kanban system will be used for the support of internal Kanban loops in the first phase. But it is planned to link also external suppliers via PULL processes and to set-up an intercompany Kanban system in the second phase.

Extention of our services

We have extended our range of services. From now on we offer extensive services to optimize your business processes. Our portfolio includes: Therefore we offer our specific e-Kanban workshops! This includes the analysis of your existing processes, implementation of all required principles to realize a Lean environment training of the teams and continuous improvement activities. Contact us to discuss your requirements and objectives. We will prepare the best package for …Read More