Intelligent Kanban Calculation

manufactus offers new opportunities to adjust Kanban levels easier and faster

For the new year, manufactus GmbH headquartered in Starnberg close to Munich, offers an optimized version of their existing electronic Kanban system. The Integrated Kanban System (IKS) is a professional web-based software solution to make Kanban systems in the area of production and logistics much easier, faster and more efficient.

manufactus is specialized in “(e)KANBAN”, thus we can offer a deep know-how to all our customers plus the innovative IKS software which is one of the leading e-Kanban systems in the world since more than 20 years.

In all Kanban systems one of the most important topics is the re-calculation of Kanban levels for existing Kanban loops. If there is a huge number of Kanbans in circulation, it is getting more and more difficult to adjust the Kanban loops in regular terms. If the demand is changing, sometimes the number of Kanban cards either needs to be increased to ensure material availability in future or sometimes the number of Kanbans should be decreased to avoid unnecessary inventory costs. These adjustments require a lot of effort and can be very time intensive.

In the new version the “IKS Demand Manager” module, which is part of the IKS system, has been extended to eliminate all time-consuming process steps. Now the tool allows a simple and fast re-calculation of the needed number of Kanbans for all existing loops, based on different kind of demand data. The demand can either be loaded from the existing ERP/MRP system or IKS calculates the new demand based on historical Kanban transactions. On this basis, the new Kanban levels will be calculated and can be compared with the existing Kanban levels. The responsible user finally decides, if a Kanban loop will be changed or not. After the final confirmation, the Kanban levels for all selected loops will be adjusted in a few seconds.

By using the new IKS Demand Manager the required time for Kanban level calculations and Kanban loop adjustments will be reduced to a minimum and all responsible persons will be exonerated. Finally, also this weakness of a classic manual Kanban system has been eliminated!