manufactus Kanban Coaching

manufactus Kanban Coaching

If you are starting an extented “Lean project” it makes maybe sense to use the services of an highly experienced consultant to reach the maximum of benefits.
But if you want to start with a Kanban system in a small pilot area first, the processes are normally easy and clear. So they can be managed by your internal employees. Anyhow specific (Kanban) questions will come up from time to time.

We offer our support and experience from many projects in within a so called KANBAN COACHING an.

This means that a manufactus expert will guide your Kanban team in regular terms or only on demand to work on specific tasks. We only work when the customer team is calling us and we help to reach the objectives.

We offer this KANBAN COACHING with 3, 5 or 8 days. Call us!

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