Goals and solutions for success with the e-Kanban System IKS

Our innovative (e) Kanban software IKS helps you to achieve your goals in production and logistics.

IKS..Integrated Kanban System

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Which are your goals running a pull system?

The application of the various principles of Lean, Lean methods and Lean tools is definitely an excellent way to reach the goals of your business and stand out against competitors…

IKS – The Kanban system for production and logistics

The e-Kanban System IKS is a very easy to use inventory replenishment solution to support manual Kanban Systems and to start with electronic Kanban as one important part of lean manufacturing activities…

IKS – e-Kanban Solutions

IKS (Integrated Kanban System) is available in three different e-Kanban solutions…

IKS – Types of Kanban

Which types of Kanban can be identified in a pull-based logistics environment?
Our e-Kanban system IKS has always supported all types of Kanban!