IKS e-Kanban Solutions

IKS (Integrated Kanban System) is available in three e-Kanban solutions:

  • IKS Small Business Kanban Solution – for small companies and manageable areas
  • IKS Classic Kanban Solution – build the best e-Kanban system (base system and add-on modules)
  • IKS Enterprise Kanban Solution – the “all inclusive” solution



This edition is especially designed for small businesses and manageable areas.

The “smallest” version of our e-Kanban system IKS contains the complete base system, Kanban loops can be created internally as well as externally to your suppliers. Only the number of scanning stations is limited to 3. Thus we are able to offer a cost-effective package for small businesses or let`s say “e-Kanban Beginners”.

The IKS Small Business Kanban Solution contains:

  • the complete Kanban Management
  • printing of Kanban cards
  • scanning the Kanban movements
  • various visualizations and reports
  • data exchange to the host system
  • connecting external suppliers via e-mail and fax



This edition is the classic version for midsize companies to build the system step by step.

In addition to the IKS Small Business Kanban Solution, you will get an unlimited number of scanning stations. Further on various add-on modules are available to make your processes more efficient. These IKS add-on modules are:

  • IKS Kanban Board – for production kanban and the replacement of manual kanban boards
  • IKS Web Portal – to integrate external suppliers, other business locations, etc. via web Kanban
  • IKS Analyzer – for extensive analyzes and continuous optimization of stocks and delivery times
  • IKS Early Warning System (timely detection of possible inventory shortages and missing parts)
  • IKS Demand Manager – adapting kanban sizing based on demand lists

These add-on modules can be combined flexible as well as added afterwards at any time to your IKS package.

The great advantage for you: Build your very flexible e-Kanban system step by step to improve your processes continuously!



This package is mainly designed for large companies and very large kanban systems.

With this edition, you will get the IKS “carefree package”. It contains all available modules and IKS has no restriction regarding the number of scanning stations or users.

Thus you have the opportunity to offer uniform support to your internal processes and to build your supply chain without any restrictions!

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