IKS – Kanban Analyzer

The IKS KANBAN ANALYZER is an add-on module of the IKS base system and allows a directed and continuous analysis and optimization of the Kanban system.

In a classic manual Kanban system, the parameters of Kanban dimensioning (demand, lead time, safety factor, container content) are set at the very beginning. A review whether these factors are still correct, and as a result whether the amount of Kanbans is still correct, in most cases this is related to a lot of expenditures and time effort.

If the Kanban dimensioning is wrong, this has some serious implications:

  • Kanban amount of an items is too low: risk of missing parts (constantly)
  • Kanban amount of items is too high: too high stocks and as a result a potential to optimize

The IKS Kanban Analyzer provides a variety of predefined reports and ratios to monitor the Kanban system continuously with less time effort and as a result to optimize it quickly.

The evaluation includes:

  • Current and historical inventories and their trends
  • All measured times such as lead times, production times, waiting times, etc. (by scanning the Kanban)
  • Stock ranges
  • Material envelopes
  • Delivery reliability
  • Control mechanism for production and external suppliers
  • Current Kanban Master Data
  • and much more

Your advantages are:

  • Material availability is ensured (100%)
  • Simultaneous optimization of inventory
  • Monitoring of delivery times and delivery reliability of your external suppliers
  • Optimization of Kanban container sizes
  • Simple and clear control of the Kanban system (internal and external processes)
  • Documented analysis (with extensive charts and reports)