IKS – Kanban Demand Manager

The IKS KANBAN DEMAND MANAGER also represents an add-on module of the IKS base system and makes quick recalculation of the amount of Kanban cards for many Kanban loops possible.

Due to certain parameters such as number of products and variants, customer order patterns, flexibility, etc., sometimes it is necessary to adjust the number of Kanbans in short cycles, based on the new conditions.

In a manual Kanban system, especially if there are many Kanban loops, this is very costly and time-consuming or not possible at all.

Here the IKS Kanban Demand Manager offers deciding advantages:

It can recalculate a large number of Kanban loops quickly and effortless and as a result it  adjusts the number of Kanbans in the IKS system automatically.

Therefore, the IKS Kanban Demand Manager uses either

  • Newly loaded demand list (e.g. on the basis of  orders)
  • Historical demands (calculated by IKS)
  • or a mixture of historic and new demands

Such a rapid recalculation and handling of Kanban levels is only realizable in the context of a “real” electronic Kanban system, here, other systems fall short completely !