E-Kanban Standard Processes – easy and efficient

Starnberg, 23. August 2021

manufactus presents simple, but highly efficient E-Kanban standard processes at the LogiMAT fair 2022 (08.-10.march).

e-Kanban System IKS at the LogiMatMaking existing Kanban processes easier, faster and more efficient. This is the objective of manufactus GmbH, located in Starnberg (Germany).

Therefore, the company offers a professional software solution, called Integrated Kanban System (IKS), since more than 15 years. By using IKS, the Kanban processes in the areas of production and logistic can be re-designed and realized easily in the daily business.

The customer can use IKS to standardize and optimize the existing Kanban system, independent if external suppliers are linked via Kanban (Supplier Kanban) or if the Pull principle is used internally to move material from the warehouse to the production lines (Transport Kanban).

Additionally, IKS can be implemented in different fabrication areas where normally manual Kanban boards are used for production scheduling and to put the physical Kanban cards in (Production Kanban). Therefore, IKS offers a so called “electronic Kanban board” which offers many benefits against the classic manual Kanban boards. The E-Kanban board is a real highlight of the IKS system.

All of these simple but highly efficient E-Kanban standard processes will be presented by manufactus at the LogiMAT fair 2022 (https://www.logimat-messe.de/en). Additionally, manufactus will demonstrate how these processes can be realized in operation easily.

You will find manufactus and the E-Kanban system IKS in Building 5, Stand F29.