Kanban 4.0 – E-Kanban as key element

Kanban is an efficient tool for managing internal and external material flows in production and logistics. However, many companies are also in the “digital transformation” phase, in which a traditional paper Kanban no longer seems appropriate. This is where E-Kanban is now becoming a key element in connecting the Kanban process, existing IT systems and modern hardware.

Companies of all sizes and from completely different industries use the Integrated Kanban System. IKS is a professional web-based E-Kanban solution that has been used by companies worldwide for 20 years to make existing internal and external pull processes more efficient. Kanban signals in real-time, simple visualization of Kanban call-offs, supplier connection and an electronic Kanban board for controlling production machines are standard features. Of course, all standard ERP or WMS systems can also be connected quickly and easily via the very flexible and universal interface with little effort and cost.

In addition, the Integrated Kanban System opens the door to the digital world and combines the advantages of a real Pull system with existing IT systems and the technical innovations that are increasingly finding their way into logistics.

In addition to commercially available barcode and RFID readers, also sensor-based Kanban racks (so-called “e-racks”) and “smart Kanban sensors” are included, which generate automatic Kanban signals by measuring distance or weight. These are processed and visualized via IKS. This opens up completely new possibilities for creating a Kanban call-off. Even non-Kanban capable material groups can be easily integrated into the Pull process.

IKS is the elementary central digital building block for connecting Kanban processes, new hardware and existing systems and ensuring a continuous flow of information.

E-Kanban 4.0

While the classic Toyota Kanban was still version 1.0, the use of Kanban software turned it into “Kanban 2.0”, creating a wide range of options for designing Pull processes. The interaction of the existing IT systems and the use of new hardware has now created completely integrated information flows in production and logistics.

The Integrated Kanban System not only eliminates the weaknesses of manual Kanban systems, but also becomes the key element of a successful implementation of highly efficient Pull processes through the smooth interaction of software and hardware – let’s simply call it “KANBAN 4.0“.

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