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Our e-Kanban system IKS is always implemented very fast and efficiently !!

The implementation of our electronic Kanban system IKS takes normally not longer than 2-3 months !!
Even larger projects where it is necessary to implement different customer requirements (which is absolutely untypical) will normally be closed in less than 3 months.
The pure IKS implementation and the training of the core team will traditionally be realized in only one single project week !!!

Our customers always benefit from the wide range of already available functions to support the existing Kanban system, so that there is no need for time and cost consuming implementations.
The IKS functions are starting with a simple and efficient management of all Kanban data, offers a great visualization and ends in supporting of specific processes, like the handling of demand peaks.

By the fast & cost efficient implementation of our eKanban system we prevent the existing ressources of our customers and we enable the team to start the continuous improvement directly. This forces a fast ROI and was demonstrated also in our past projects.

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