Andreas Rupp decides for e-Kanban system IKS

Andreas Rupp decides for e-Kanban system IKS

Andreas Rupp GmbH, located in Eppingen-Rohrbach (Germany), has decided to support the existing manual Kanban system by the Kanban software IKS of manufactus and to realize an electronic Kanban system.

The first objective is the planning and scheduling of the molding machines via IKS Kanban Board, that will replace the existing manual Kanban boards.
Based on the new e-Kanban processes the planer knows exactly which products and how many items are needed in the Kanban supermarket.

The IKS e-Kanban board sorts the Kanban loops automatically by priority and the operator knows exactly which items need to be produced next.
By using the new PULL processes with IKS support the company gets a very high material availability and is able to reduce inventory continuously.

The next step is the integration of additional molding machines to the e-Kanban process and to link some first external suppliers via Kanban.

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