Express Kanban for Finished Goods

Express Kanban for Finished Goods

Express Möbel GmbH & Co. KG, a division of Nolte Group in Germany that produces furnitures, is now using a Kanban system to manage their finished goods inventory. The company has changed the existing processes from traditional PUSH to a more efficient PULL system.

The manufactus e-Kanban system IKS helps to build the optimal sequence of Kanban orders at the packaging lines via visualization of the inventory at the finished goods warehouse. All Kanban orders are displayed at the IKS electronic Kanban boards. Based on this information the operators know exactly which products have to be packed next. This guarantees a high delivery performance to the final customers.

Some other production lines are still managed via classic manual Kanban boards, but it is planned to use IKS in a second step also at this production areas.

The transformation from PUSH to PULL is an important big step for each company. The management of Express Möbel did this step by the firm conviction to prepare the company for the future!

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