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Kanban Production Scheduling at Gedia Spain

The site of Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH in Barcelona (Spain) uses the e-Kanban system IKS to manage and schedule the fabrication areas via Pull system. The installation of a pure manual Kanban environment was not possible because of the existing machine intensive processes. So Gedia Spain decided to use the electronic Kanban system of manufactus.

One core element is the electronic IKS Kanban Board which visualizes all Kanban orders in real-time in a dynamic way. The e-Kanban board replaces also all kind of manual Kanban boards. Based on this new process it is possible to realize a very flexible creation of work orders based on real consumption and pull signals.
Due to the processes which have been implemented during this extensive pilot project, an inventory reduction by 28% has been realized for the Kanban parts in the first step.
Based on the very positive results and experiences, Gedia plans to introduce Kanban also for other factories of the group.

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