New: The IKS Small Business Edition

New: The IKS Small Business Edition

Form today on we offer a new e-Kanban package which has been designed especially for small companies and small Kanban areas. The name of this Kanban package is IKS Small Business Edition.

Our „lowest“ version of the e-Kanban system IKS includes the complete Basic System which can be used to define internal as well as external Kanban loops. Only the number of scanning stations is limited up to three. So we are able to offer a low-cost e-Kanban package for small companies or “e-Kanban beginners”.

The IKS Small Business Edition includes:

  • Complete Kanban Management functionality
  • Printing of Kanban cards
  • Scanning of Kanban movements
  • Extensive visualisation and reporting
  • Data transfer from/to Host system
  • Linking of external suppliers via email and fax

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