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manufactus News September 2011

Here you can download the manufactus newsletter September 2011 as pdf file. Please subscribe our newsletter to get updated about all manufactus news and about all information regarding our e-Kanban solutions! Please send a short email with your contact data to news@manufactus.com. That’s it! Very interesting news regarding Kanban, Lean Management and Logistic you will find unter www.facebook.com/manufactus.

IKS Enterprise Edition used by Italian customer

The Italian site of a world-wide acting enterprise has implemented the electronic Kanban system IKS for the complete factory. The management team wants to use a complete Pull system for the material flow. The company is scheduling the different production areas by the IKS Kanban Board and delivers produced components via Kanban to the assembly lines.

manufactus now on Facebook

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Extention of our services

We have extended our range of services. From now on we offer extensive services to optimize your business processes. Our portfolio includes: Therefore we offer our specific e-Kanban workshops! This includes the analysis of your existing processes, implementation of all required principles to realize a Lean environment training of the teams and continuous improvement activities. Contact us to discuss your requirements and objectives. We will prepare the best package for …Read More