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IKS Enterprise Edition used by Italian customer

The Italian site of a world-wide acting enterprise has implemented the electronic Kanban system IKS for the complete factory. The management team wants to use a complete Pull system for the material flow. The company is scheduling the different production areas by the IKS Kanban Board and delivers produced components via Kanban to the assembly lines.

Additionally some of the main suppliers are linked via IKS Web-Portal to the Kanban system. This e-Kanban module allows the online access to all required Kanban information via Internet.
The Lean team of the customer has started the roll-out of the Kanban system to reach the objective of a continuous material flow based on real Pull signals. In parallel the team is working on the improvement of some important Lean key factors like lot-size reduction, set-up time reduction, improved shop-floor layout etc. to create the basis for a successful project.

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