IKS – Basic Kanban System

The IKS BASIC KANBAN SYSTEM provides the platform to our e-Kanban system IKS.

It includes:

  • the complete management of Kanban data (Kanban master and dimensioning data)
  • the (quick and easy) print of Kanban cards (custom layout)
  • the ability to scan the kanban cards (recording of kanban movements, locally or Wi-Fi)
  • extensive visualization of the current Kanban situation (Kanban monitoring)
  • adding temporary Kanbans to handle peaks in demand within a defined time horizon
  • and even the integration of external suppliers via email and / or FAX
  • as well as a generic interface to all existing ERP-Systems

By recording the Kanban movements with a barcode reader at so-called “scanning-points”, IKS guarantees a very high level of transparency throughout the whole kanban system!

Thus the IKS Basic Kanban system provides a modern base to support the implementation of a classic kanban system for both internal and external scenarios as well as in your complete supply chain. Targeted monitoring and optimization is also already possible, because of the collected real-time system information.

The basic Kanban System can be easily expanded through the available IKS add-on modules into a comprehensive e-Kanban system at any point in time!

These are the IKS add-on modules:



IKS – Integrated Kanban System

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The cost efficient solution for Kanban introduction – optimized for pure manual Kanban
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