Production Kanban process

A production Kanban process can be described as the control of manufacturing areas using a pull system. Very often, this is a “machine-intensive” area, where the production process has the main focus (e.g. mechanical manufacturing, injection molding, etc.).

A classic method of kanban control in such areas is the “traffic light Kanban“, which can be displayed through manual Kanban Boards.

These Kanban production processes can even better be realized by the electronic Kanban board / Heijunka Board,

where a dynamic production control on the basis of “real” Pull signals is made possible.

More complicated Kanban processes, a high number of part numbers, which need to be controlled, a big number of Kanban cards or long distances do not pose any problems to the innovative e-Kanban Board.


Kanban in Production with e-Kanban System IKS

Further Kanban processes

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