Supplier Kanban process

A supplier Kanban process is usually described as a connection between external vendors and the Kanban System. But also different locations of the same company can be linked together into a supply-chain process via Kanban, based on the same principle (sometimes it is called “Inter-Company Kanban”).

Especially when it comes to supplier Kanban processes, the question arises:

What is the best way to transmit the Kanban signals?

When a Pull system is running internally, the transfer of classical paper cards into the different areas normally is no problem. But externally…?

In this case an electronic Kanban system provides superior advantages, some external processes cannot not be realized without any kind of software support!

Our electronic Kanban System IKS offers all possibilities to send Kanban signals to your external suppliers:

  • Email Kanban card(s)
  • Email Kanban reports
  • Internet / IKS Kanban Web Portal


Supplier Kanban with e-Kanban System IKS


Additionally, the IKS Kanban Web Portal is available for our customers, which can provide all important Kanban information to the supplier online via Internet. As a result interactive Kanban processes can be designed, which offer great advantages of potential savings.

Another highlight is the e-Kanban Board, which is also a part of the IKS Kanban Web Portal, it offers a dynamic visualization of Kanban orders directly at the supplier or in an external Warehouse for example.


IKS – Integrated Kanban System

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