Transport Kanban process

A transport Kanban system is one of the easiest possibilities of Kanban control. In this case materials can be moved from the existing warehouse or Kanban Supermarket to the consumption areas triggered by Kanban signals. This kind of Kanban usage can often be seen at production lines, which will be delivered from a central warehouse.

This often happens by a so-called “Milk Run” or “Kanban Train”

(often there are other nice internal names).

Many enterprises are using permanent Kanban cards or Container-Kanban for this purpose. Whether in a two-container system or a multi-container system, this must be decided individually.


Transport Kanban with e-Kanban System IKS


Our IKS Kanban System offers a variety of possibilities to support transport Kanban:

  • Classical Kanban cards with permanent Kanban cards
  • Container-Kanban
  • Direct Print, e.g., by disposable Kanban cards
  • Internal Emails or FAX
  • Picking list through Kanban monitor or IKS web portal

Further Kanban processes

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